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Coding as a profession is starting to interest more and more young people, and that’s expected given their familiarity with the new technologies. Its popularity is evidently growing among adults as well as it offers greater job security than some other areas. Still, not everyone has the time and resources to completely dedicate themselves to studying a whole new area. Many interested working people will just give up on their desire to switch professions only because of the lack of time.Their schedules just can’t take in any face-to-face classes or other fixed learning sessions.

These are the people we wanted to help. We believe everyone should have a chance to change their lives for the better whenever they wish. So, we came up with the idea of a platform which offers various coding courses, but without the usual time limitations. There are no set lecture schedules or deadlines. Thus, every user gets to learn at their own pace and not compromise their daily obligations. Also, we will not limit the number of courses you can take – your membership is all access. So, learn away, we hope you’ll reach our targeted skill set.



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